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Archiware BRU Trade-In Promotion

Get 50% off for all archive installations with a BRU trade-in until March 31st 2021!

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Tolis Group, the manufacturer of BRU and ArGest software has recently been acquired. Providing future-proof data management for BRU customers, Archiware offers a 50% trade-in discount on all archive installations.

The 50% discount is granted for a complete, one-time order of Archiware P5. The trade-in special covers the cost of an entire installation, including slot and storage licenses. Additionally, the discount is not limited to the cost of the BRU or ArGest installation that is being replaced.

Archiware P5 Archive Bundles

To receive 50% off for a BRU trade-in, your order must contain the Archiware P5 Archive module – a long-term storage solution that moves data to disk, tape and cloud. Optimal archive bundles for the trade-in special include the P5 Desktop LTO Edition and the P5 Archive Edition.

P5 Desktop LTO Edition

Automatic backups and long-term archive with Archiware P5 software. Profit from the proven longevity and affordability of LTO tape. For customers with a single LTO tape drive and no expansion requirements. 

P5 Archive Edition

Ideal for customers with a small tape library. Includes P5 Backup and P5 Archive with a license for 1 server with 2 drives. Includes a Media Management and Storage license for 25 slots/200TB (disk and/or cloud storage).

Migrate Archived BRU Data to P5 Archive
Trade-In BRU for an Archiware P5 License

Tolis Group customers may qualify for the trade-in special by submitting a BRU/ArGest invoice together with their Archiware order. Please fill out the form below to request a BRU trade-in for the entire Archiware P5 installation, including slot and storage licenses. One license registration is permitted per Tolis Group customer.

The trade-in is subject to verification of the request. Requests can be submitted until March 31st 2021.